Meet Thi Ream

Owner | Creator

Photo by Ava Kai Photography

As a wife and mother of two, life is busy. I get it. And even though we all get busy, I get a sense we still yearn to connect or reconnect on a deeper level with one another. I think in this digital age of texts and emails, a handwritten note has become somewhat of an anomaly. That's why I started Send More Joy--to bring snail mail back. I understand the guilt of missing yet another birthday because you couldn't get to the stationery store to buy a card. Or not sending a simple thank you note because you didn't have a card on hand, then just forgot. Listen, there are hundreds of amazing stationery designers out there and my goal of Send More Joy is to get them to your mailbox (with stamps!) so that you can worry about one less thing.

Thi currently lives in Houston, Texas with her husband Tyler and two sons.